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Customer Services & Support

PreTreat is a British owned, independent company, dedicated to the supply of speciality pre-treatment and ancillary chemicals for manufacturing industry.

Our customer services are directed toward providing our potential and existing customers with a full set of services as required.

We provides a personal, relationship-based service to our customers based on our many years’ experience in the Metal Finishing industry.

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Customer Services

Our customer services offering is directed toward providing you with a full set of services as required. Some of the Key offerings are:

Analytical Services
We provide routine process solution analysis to ensure the optimum performance is maintained from the chemical system supplied by Pretreatment Technologies Ltd.

Component Processing
Potential or existing customers components and full processing routes can be replicated in our laboratory facilities; this can evaluate processes off-line and without the pressures of production.

Trouble shooting
We offer practical advice by highly qualified staff, both in experience and academia. Our technical staff have a combined industry experience of over 75 years.

We offer all the above service free of charge to our customers.

Services Focus

PreTreat focus on helping our customer get the best solutions for their needs, from both technological and economical standpoints.

We formulate, distribute and technically support all our chemical systems. We are a friendly, approachable company, firmly focused on customer relationships, and keen to have the opportunity to work with our potential customers to prove why so many other companies rely on us to deliver their exacting needs.

The current manufacturing climate has a focus on merging to create larger companies, who reduce support and focus on selling to large organisations. We aim to provide the opposite so that we can give our customers a  total support package with the ideal products for their needs, while also being able to provide commodity chemicals to provide a single source provider.

    Pre Treat Lab Technician
    Pretreatment plant stage 3

    Forefront of Technology

    The company has a wide technology base which necessary to cover all requirements and to meet customer performance demands. The majority of our products are manufactured within a dedicated facility, which is ISO 9001 – 2015 accredited. The manufacturing site stocks all required raw materials and products and under normal circumstances, the normal delivery lead-time is 3 – 5 working days.

    With ever increasing technology requirements PreTreat has linked in with other UK based speciality chemical suppliers. This approach allows for a wider range of technologies and expertise to be made available. It also ensures that development programmes suited to the UK manufacturing base are covered by a wider range of market specialists. Links have also been formed with associates globally to ensure that new technology for important market segments can be introduced ahead of customer requirements.

    Leading Supplier

    Established in 2006, we have grown to become one of the leading supply houses in its market place. Our customers rely on our wide range of market leading speciality chamicals and bespoke products tailored to our customers exact needs.

    We are able to offer our clients a vast amount of knowledge alongside innovative expertise in the formulation, manufacture and supply of all its products.

    The company is based on many years’ experience in the metal finishing industry, and provides a personal, relationship-based service to its customers.

    The majority of our products are manufactured and warehoused in our own facility. Normal lead times are 3 – 5 days. We are ISO 9001 – 2015 accredited.

    Contact us to find out more about our products and services.


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