Foscote R.S.

‘Bringing New Ideas To The Surface’

Foscote R.S. was originally developed by our sister company Walterisation back in the 1940’s. Today we have taken the principle of derusting steel surfaces and put a modern twist on the technology, making the chemical non-hazardous, water-based, efficient and environmentally friendly.

PreTreat’s ‘new’ Foscote R.S. is a complex mixture of a vinyl acrylic copolymer and tannic acid for the treatment of corroded steel and iron surfaces. It neutralises the corrosion process by converting the rust into a blue-black metallo-organic complex which passivates the surface. It then further protects the surface by forming a film with low permeability to water vapour and oxygen.

Foscote R.S. is self-priming but for long-term protection it is advisable to overcoat with a suitable water or solvent base midcoat or topcoat.

This product has been designed for application by spray and brush and one litre can treat 8-9 square meters.

It is a non-hazardous solution and has been tested and certified as fit for use for the carriage of grain and use in potable water systems.

Available in 25 Litres, 1 Litre and 250 ml pack sizes.