PreTreat Customer Services & Support

‘Bringing New Ideas To The Surface’

Customer Service and Support have been at the very core of PreTreat’s business since the company was founded in 2006.

In the current manufacturing climate, many speciality chemicals supply houses are trying to reduce support and concentrate more on selling to larger organisations. They are also generating specialist core teams for market segments – with decisions being made outside the UK.

We believe this short-sighted and profits-driven approach does not provide the best conditions for UK-based industry and so makes our customer-focused ethos even more important and valuable today.

Customer Services

We aim to make life as easy as possible for the customer. Our processes are simple to use and maintain.

We survey the customer’s plant to agree a precise pretreatment specification and then provide comprehensive testing in our laboratories to establish the best possible processing sequence.

We provide help in setting up the process, train the operators, and can be present at any negotiations with the local authority.

When the plant has been commissioned we continue to make regular calls to ensure that all is running to its maximum efficiency, thus saving the customer ‘time and money’.

We offer the following services, free of charge to all our customers.

  • Analytical Services – Providing routine process solution analysis to ensure the optimum performance is maintained from the chemical system supplied by PreTreat Ltd. This service is often used as an overcheck for customers’ SPC systems.
  • Product Performance Testing – Components from customers are tested on a regular basis for both physical and corrosion testing. We have 3 salt spray testing cabinets running to ASS and ASTM B-117 standards.
  • Component Processing – Potential or existing customers processing routes can be replicated in our laboratory facilities; this can evaluate processes off line and without the pressures of production.
  • Trouble Shooting – We offer practical advice by highly qualified staff, both in experience and academia.

Product Training

We can provide the following individually tailored courses to meet your needs.

  • Theory of Chemical Processing
  • On-Site Operator Training
  • Health & Safety Awareness
  • Control & Testing
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Plant Maintenance & Control
  • Storage & Handling of Chemicals
  • Advice & Compliance with COSHH Regulations

Technical Training & Support On-Site

Technical service visits from our highly experienced team ensure the solutions are controlled to their optimum parameters and we issue a written report to assist with any SPC in operation.

Sample panel testing in our laboratories for example; etch rates, coating weights, and corrosion testing, with written reports issued of our findings.

Technical Support on Site
  • Being on-site at the start of production
  • Maintaining daily contact for the duration of any trial period
  • Providing technical support on a regular basis
We also provide full documentation of the processes:
  • Technical training of personnel, either at their work location or in our laboratories
  • Arranging/attending technical review meetings with paint / powder suppliers
  • Technical discussions with HSE and Water Companies