Pre-Treatment Chemicals For Aluminium & Its Alloys

‘Bringing New Ideas To The Surface’

Is your company currently using traditional chromate (chrome 6) pre-treatment for aluminium and its alloys?

If so, PreTreat can offer alternatives that are Chrome-Free and at the same time reduce your costs, processing time, and hazardous waste, whilst maintaining or even improving the quality of your finished product.

Pre-Treatment Solutions for Aluminium & Galvanised Steel Applications

The selection of pre-treatment depends on the conditions of service required by the product, there are now chrome-free alternatives, including PreTreat Ltd.’s proprietary brands WALTERISATION® 7460, and WALTERISATION® 7469, that can save time and money, and are kinder to the environment.

Replacing traditional chromating processes with WALTERISATION® 7460, or WALTERISATION® 7469 we have achieved: lower chemical usage, up to 10%, fewer bath dumps, and with Qualicoat Approval.

Available as immersion or spray processes, PreTreat conversion coatings improve the adhesion of wet paint and powder coated finishes and provide a barrier against corrosion should the finish become scratched, chipped or otherwise damaged.

Cleaner/CoaterFASBOND® 1701


is a titanium / zirconium based combined degrease process, which operates similarly to a conventional iron phosphate pre-treatment process.

In independent corrosion testing results of up to 1000 hours neutral salt spray on iron and steel, and 3000 hours on aluminium, when used with a ‘dry-in-place’ rinse sealer WALTERISATION® 7460

FASBOND® 1701 is a very efficient pre-treatment process.

It has the following features and benefits:

  • Single-pack liquid – giving ease of handling and control –that saves time and the possibility of mistakes being made
  • High corrosion resistance – on ‘Q panels’ testing to ASTM B 117 results of 1000* hours on mild steel and 3000 hours on aluminium have been achieved
  • Multi-metal – can treat a variety of substrates, in any combination thus is futurized and able to cope with to-days and long-term production requirements, as only one process only is required
  • Low temperature – operating range 15 – 35oC giving energy savings with resulting lower fuel bills
  • Short process time – increased throughput – lower unit costs and higher production
  • High chemical concentration – lower chemical usage – very cost-effective in use
  • Very long bath life – bath life from experience is between 50 – 100% longer than conventional processes
  • Very low sludging – sludge generation is between 50 – 75% less than conventional processes
  • Spray or Immersion Application.
Ambient OperationNot UsuallyYes
Can be DeclassifiedNoYes
Needs Cleaning StepNot UsuallyYes
Needs Rinsing StageYesNo
Overall CostHigherLower

FASBOND® 1701 is a single-pack cleaner/coater – it degreases and phosphates in one action; specifically formulated for the simultaneous degreasing and phosphating of steel, aluminium and zinc-coated steel substrates by spray application in a 3 or 4-stage spray pre-treatment plant, or by immersion.

Degreasing capability may be further enhanced by the addition of Additive 354.

The process is free from heavy metals and molybdate.


is a ‘dry-in-place’ replacement for chromate-based products for the pre-treatment of aluminium and aluminium alloys, magnesium and zinc (i.e.: galvanised surfaces).

A very pale-coloured surface finish is produced, unlike many chrome-free pre-treatments eliminating the possibility of un-pre-treated work being mistaken for pre-treated work when processed in a batch operation.

WALTERISATION® 7460 provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance after wet or powder coating paint systems and requires no post-rinsing.

The process operates at ambient temperature, thus saving energy, with an immersion time of 1 – 3 minutes. It is also suitable for spray application between 10 and 30 seconds.

Process time is like any existing traditional chromating processes, which means that existing plant layouts and/or process times do not have to be altered. It eliminates the post rinse stage resulting in zero effluent.

WALTERISATION® 7460 can be used in traditional pre-treatment equipment.

WALTERISATION® 7460 is a hexavalent chromium-free treatment for aluminium and its alloys which produces protective coatings ranging from iridescent to deep yellow in colour.

The process is suitable for the treatment of architectural aluminium, prior to powder coating or wet-paint finishing  – by immersion or spray application.

It is a QUALICOAT approved alternative pre-treatment material, in conformity with appendix A6 of the QUALICOAT specifications; only when used with approved powder coating systems.

When used as directed, the coatings produced conform to the requirements of BS EN 12206 – 1:2004 (BS 6496) – powder coating of architectural aluminium.