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PreTreat Speciality Coatings

Formulating, Manufacturing and Supplying

Speciality Chemicals for Metal Finishing and General Manufacturing

PreTreat formulate, manufacture and supply a wide range of speciality chemicals for the manufacturing and metal finishing industries. 

Our customers rely on us to get the best solutions for the ideal preparation of their surfaces. We help to ensure that they are able to achieve the best finish possible on a wide range of metals including aluminium alloys as well as mild and galvanised steel.

Established in

Over one thousand customers

day normal lead time

Over two thousand formulations

PreTreat is a British owned, independent company, known for our continual product development and dedication to the supply of speciality pre-treatment and ancillary chemicals for the manufacturing industry.

We believe that the highest quality finishing and powder coatings will only show excellent results if the pretreatment is designed to perfectly prepare the surface, allowing it to fulfill its potential. For the past 14 years we have been helping our many customers get the best preparation for the perfect finish.

Our customer service teams are directed toward providing our potential and existing customers with a full set of services as required. We provide a personal, relationship-based service to our based on our many years’ experience in the Metal Finishing industry.

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