SurTec 650 Pre-Treatment & Repair Pens

‘Bringing New Ideas To The Surface’

The requirement profile for the pre-treatment process changes continuously in surface finishing.

Acutely aware of this, SurTec is concentrating primarily on a new generation of processes in the development and marketing of its special chemicals for metal pre-treatment. These are generally characterised by their ease of use, industrial robustness, possibilities for precise process control and, above all, optimised process costs, while at the same time maintaining extremely stable quality values.

SurTec 650 Pre-Treatment for Aluminium

Introducing SurTec 650 Tri-Chrome Passivation for Aluminium.

A pre-treatment with SurTec 650 results in an outstanding corrosion resistance in uncoated condition, a low surface resistance and at the same time an optimal functionality as an adhesion base for subsequent coatings.

SurTec 650 is the worldwide benchmark technology for the pre-treatment of aluminium and optimally suited for applications in the Automotive, Electronics & Electrical and Aerospace industry due to best-in-class bare metal corrosion protection and excellent paint adhesion on painted substrates.

It is also a global benchmark technology in the architectural industry due to outstanding filiform corrosion resistance and best-in-class paint adhesion to powder coating.

* Based on a NAVAIR-Patent   * QPL – Listed
* Meets MIL – DTL – 81706B and Mil – DTL 5541 – F

  • QPL – Listed
  • Based on a NAVAIR-Patent
  • Meets MIL – DTL – 81706B and Mil – DTL 5541 – F

SurTec 650 Chromital Touch-Up Pen

The SurTec 650 Repair Pen is a ready-to-use solution, in a felt tip pen dispenser, for the spot repair of damage to aluminium, which has been already treated with SurTec 650.

It is hexavalent Chromium free.

  • Easy use for the repair of surface scratches, abrasions etc., which have already been treated with SurTec 650
  • Ready to use
  • Especially suited to small jobs or hard to reach areas on assembled and finished products
  • The restored conversion coating is an effective pre-treatment for the optimum adhesion of powder coating, wet paints, or adhesive applications
  • Economical in use, with little or no waste