Pre-Treatment Paint Preparation Wipes

‘Bringing New Ideas To The Surface’

PreTreat’s range of Pretreatment, Paint Preparation Wipes have been created for the treatment of metal substrate prior to powder coating or wet-paint finishing – particularly when parts to be treated are too large, or quantities too small, to justify dip applications or no booth exists to spray an etch primer.

Not only do they clean but usage also replaces the surface with a protective coating that helps bond the paint to the surface for improved corrosion protection.

All Pre-Treatment Paint Preparation Wipes come in tubs of 400 hand-sized wipes.

WALTERISATION® 7460 Pre-Paint Wipes

WALTERISATION® 7460 Pre-Treatment Wipes are innovative synthetic lint freehand wiping cloths for cleaning and protecting aluminium surfaces prior to painting. They are impregnated with WALTERISATION® 7460, a hexavalent chromium-free treatment for aluminium and its alloys, which produces protective coatings ranging from iridescent to pale green in colour.

WALTERISATION® 7460 is QUALICOAT approved (approval No A-125) alternative pre-treatment material, in conformity with appendix A6 of the QUALICOAT specifications; only when used with approved powder coating systems.

WALTERISATION® 7460 is compliant with The Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS Directive (2002/95EC).

  • Ready-to-wipe to convert and protect bare metal surfaces prior to coating or painting
  • Suitable for steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and copper
  • Easy to apply (particularly for large surfaces such as vehicles
  • Time-saving (no etch primer, or cleaning and then rinsing afterwards)
  • Replacement for other complex and time-consuming methods
  • Provides better adhesion for wet paint or powder coat
  • Sustainability focused – Low VOC < 1%, Chromium 6 free, Water-based, Easily disposable
  • Excellent corrosion prevention

FASBOND® W-720 Pre-Paint Wipes

FASBOND® W-720 Wipes are synthetic lint-free cloths, impregnated with an iron phosphating solution.

Not only do they clean but also treat galvanised, steel or aluminium surfaces prior to painting.

They will remove light corrosion products and replace the surface with a light phosphate coating that helps bond the paint to the surface for improved corrosion protection.

  • Converts the surface to a phosphate bonding layer
  • Mordant type solution for Galvanised surfaces
  • No fibres left behind

FASBOND® W700 Pre-Treatment Wipes

FASBOND® W700 Wipes are synthetic lint-free cloth wipes impregnated with a mild solvent-based degreasing product.

Suitable for multiple surface finishing and degreasing applications, effectively removes oil, grease and grime.

They can be used on galvanised, steel or aluminium surfaces prior to painting and are designed for use with surface finishing applications where a high-quality contaminant-free surface is required.

The specially formulated low VOC aqueous impregnation provides a powerful cleaning action whilst greatly reducing VOC contributions.

No fibres are left behind following usage of these wipes.