About PreTreat Ltd

‘Bringing New Ideas To The Surface’

PreTreat Ltd is a British-owned, independent company and now sits within the top 10% of suppliers of speciality pre-treatment and ancillary chemicals for the metal finishing industry in the UK.

Walterisation (founded in 1936), is now incorporated into PreTreat Ltd, bringing with it a wealth of experience and expertise as well as a range of widely respected products and technology.

To date, PreTreat has created over 500 different products (or rather solutions) for well over 500 customers. This is because they are often able to create a tailor-made product for your individual needs and will not just try and sell you the closest “off the shelf” product if it doesn’t fully provide the very best solution for your requirements.

Clients include major names from a broad array of markets and sectors, and they have industry-leading levels of client retention and loyalty, which reinforces their ability to deliver and support their business partners.

Why Choose PreTreat?

PreTreat are a friendly, approachable company, and firmly focused on providing a personal, relationship-based service to ALL customers, new and existing. Our Customer Service & Support structure includes on-site visits from experienced technicians who will work with you to ensure you are maximising the potential of your systems and products.

All our products are produced in-house rather than sub-contracting any production to 3rd Parties.

This brings benefits to both PreTreat and our customers because:

  • We have complete control over quality – that original formulation is not being altered over time
  • We now get fewer issues due to having sole responsibility for the creation of our products
  • We are able to be more agile in responding to customer requests for supplies – we can even offer lead times of a few days rather than several weeks
  • We are able to offer more competitive pricing by not having an intermediary in the process.

Chemical Products & Services Include…

Cleaning | Degreasing | De-rusting | Anodising | Phosphating | Chromating | Zirconium/Titanium Pre-Treatments | Nano-Technologies | Powder Coating Removal | Alloy Wheel Stripping | Janitorial Products | T-WASH (Mordant) | Chemical Blacking | Paint Preparation Wipes | Traffic Film Removers | Salt Spray Testing | Walterisation 7460® | Fasbond® | Powder Coating Touch-Up Pens | Contract Chemical Blending | & more