PreTreat Tacky Oven Coating

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Dust, dirt and other airborne particles are often invisible to the eye but can cause huge issues in the metal finishing and construction industries, if left unchecked.

Tacky Oven Coating is a heat-resistant polymeric-based liquid application for Industrial Powder-Coating Stoving Ovens, designed to attract dust and spray particles from the air that may otherwise be deposited on freshly painted surfaces.

Tacky Oven Coating

Starting with a clean, uncoated oven, steel (or aluminium) panels are wrapped with aluminium foil and then coated with PreTreat Tacky Oven Coating. These are then passed through the oven to trap air-borne particulates that may otherwise be deposited on freshly painted surfaces.

PreTreat Tacky Oven Coating remains tacky for extended periods of time at temperatures up to 250° C.

Several panels may be required initially to capture the airborne contamination, but once the oven is clean of airborne dirt then the coating of one panel, as part of the maintenance programme, should ensure the oven stays free of dirt and dust defects.

High bake systems such as powder coating mean a much shorter tackiness lifespan and the coating needs frequent replacement, maybe weekly. In a low bake oven (80° C) the coating would remain tacky for much longer (several weeks).