Bespoke Products

We are able to develop and modify  products to suit your requirements through our UK labaratory.

Through our in house manufacturing plant we are able to rapidly turn around products and ensure their consistency. 

Our technical experts are able to provide full pre-treatment and spray testing at your facilities to ensure we provide you a perfectly tailored solution.

PreTreat Bespoke

Supporting Your Needs

We continually work with our customers to get the ideal formulations for one off projects as well as projects. With our in house lab and UK based manufacturing we focus on 

We provide our customers with a professional and personalised approach. With our full technical on-site visits and consultations our customers rely on our expertise for their plant and products.

  • Continual product research and improvement to make our pretreatment products the best in the market.
  • A strong understanding of our customers needs based on strong relationships, thorough product testing and ongoing feedback.
  • Wide range of on-site testing including Salt Spray, Acetic Salt Spray and Humidity.

Innovative Product Development

Continuous development both short and long term is essential to the long-term future of Pretreat and our associated companies. Development is carried out with all these factors in mind to ensure that our customers have the most appropriate products available.

Product development work includes:

  • Alkali and acid cleaners/descalers
  • Conversion coating technology
  • Conditioning rinses
  • Passivation rinses and rinse aids
  • Environmentally friendly products and processes
  • Paint and Powder Coating removal systems
  • Dry-in-Place technology
  • Nano technology
Pre Treat Lab Technician

Maximising Your Performance

We are able to support your specific processing and system needs to ensure that the products we supply are perfectly suited and perform to their highest level.

To maximise the benefits from our chemicals we are also able to provide guidance and support to improve or modify your processes or plant or changes to your specifications or substrates.

This associated work also covers the evaluation of new raw materials to reduce or maintain costs when raw material prices are increasing and the end customers desire to keep costs down.

We are also able to do research to ensure the product range meets existing and future environmental and health and safety legislation.