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PreTreat Touch-Up Pens


Offering simple and easy repair solutions that can be used both in-houseĀ and on-site. Providing a great way of repairing products that have a scratched or damaged powder coating

Touch-up applicator to repair powder coated surfaces

Using the powder coating used on the original job, critical colour matching

PreTreat Powder Touchup Pens

Powder Coating Touch-Up PensĀ 

Our pens are easy to use and can be used for repairing any colour. The pens have a transparent base that should be mixed with the original polyester powder coating. This ensures a good quality match and colour consistency.

There are two versions: Matt or Gloss. Please specify at the time of ordering.
The pens are mixed with the original powder coating product, to ensure a good quality match.

    Rapid Drying Time

    Ideal for fast results! Our touch up pen drying time is around 20 minutes.

    powder touchup pen

    Simple and Easy

    Our powder coating touch-up pens are quick, simple and easy to use.

    Storage Stability

    Ready when you need them! Un-mixed our touch-up pen solution can last for 12 months.

    Cost Effective

    Simple spot repairs avoiding complete re-sprays. Contact sales for quantity discounts.

    Our 8-Step Application Guide

    Gloss Touch-up Pen
    Matt Touch-up Pen