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Pretreatment Technologies Limited firmly believe that participation in important trade associations and institutions are of importance we support the customer base by providing wide ranging information early. At the same time participation in DTI initiated projects for manufacturing industry is also critical for the customer base.

Confederation of British Industry                                www.cbi.org.uk

British Standards Institute

The Institute of Metal Finishing

General Paint and Powder Supplies                           www.paintandpowder.co.uk

Chris Vickery – Powder Coating                                 www.chrisvickery.co.uk

Helping producers of hazardous waste                       www.becompliant.co.uk

Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining                  www.iom3.org

More Links coming soon.

Links and strong working relationships with paint companies, plant manufacturers and institutions evaluating new technology are considered to be of major importance. All major powder coating and wet paint suppliers within the UK have accepted our capabilities and are confident enough to endorse the company. The same approach has been taken by leading plant and equipment suppliers. Projects are in place with leading technology centres to develop new technology systems for UK based manufacturing industry.