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Product development is split into two areas:


Product improvement to meet short term demands.

This type of development is undertaken in our laboratory and results from minor changes in customer process requirements generated by substrate, paint or performance changes. Associated work also covers the evaluation of new raw materials to reduce or maintain costs when raw material prices are increasing and end customers desire to cost down. It also covers research to ensure the product range meets existing and future environmental and health and safety legislation.


Longer term/innovative product development.

This type of development is essential to the long-term future of PreTreat and associated companies. The research is therefore spread throughout the companies each within their own area of expertise.


The areas are:

Alkali and acid cleaners/descalers

Conversion coating technology.

Conditioning rinses

Passivation rinses

Rinse aids

Environmentally friendly products and processes

Paint and Powder Coating removal systems

Dry-in-Place technology

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