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Our customer services are directed toward providing our potential and existing customers with a full set of services as required.

Hebden Bridge technical centre with full product test, trial and analytical facilities.

Detailed training and operating manuals suitable for inclusion in QA systems.

Regular on site visits, surveys and training with written reports.

Our technical centre has been specially equipped to enable thorough examination of your work samples to select the appropriate PreTreat process and then perform trial treatment using scaled down production plant to replicate the production process sequence.

These samples can then be powder coated; to the finish of choice needed in the manufacturing environment and then subject to a full battery of testing; including Adhesion and Salt Spray for corrosion monitoring.

Further testing can be arranged through our network of associate companies in the finishing industry. Samples of process chemicals can be analysed to investigate production problems and propose solutions.

Tests on actual production materials can also be performed for customer compliance purposes.

Detailed manuals written in plain English, specific to individual customer needs are provided for every installation.

Some of the Key offerings are:

Analytical Services
Providing routine process solution analysis to ensure the optimum performance is maintained from the chemical system supplied by PreTreat. This service is often used as an over check for customers SPC systems.

Performance Testing
Components from customers are evaluated on a regular basis for both physical and corrosion testing.

We have our own in house salt spray cabinets, which are independently calibrated and serviced to ensure accurate test results. For further information please visit our sister companies web site:

Component Processing
Potential or existing customers processing routes can be replicated in our laboratory facilities; this can evaluate processes off-line and without the pressures of production.

Trouble Shooting
We offer practical advice by highly qualified staff, both in experience and academia. For example, we have a PhD on our technical development team, and a combined experience of over 1
00 years.

24-7 Response for spillages / emergencyresponse1
Please phone our dedicated number: 0844 5605341

Terms and Conditions

in the UK

ISO 9001 - 2008 accredited